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"Gelato Artigianale" in Italian means "ice cream made by hand" and carries the traditions of Italian cuisine.

Experience and constant evolution make homemade ice cream one of the most popular and well-known Italian delicacies.

Our company «Melodia Gelato» was born in the beautiful northern city of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg to feel our love and try the best ice cream with fresh and natural ingredients, which is produced under the guidance of experienced craftsmen.

«Melodia Gelato» uses natural raw materials with no additives, dyes and chemical synthesis. (Note: palm oil is prohibited in Italy!)

Today, in order to recognize the excellence of this product, you should understand that velvety, light, flavor, freshness, authenticity - these are the characteristics that distinguish it from the production of ice cream factory.

The most important thing in the handmade ice cream - it is impossible to save on raw materials. Even the air is a very important element. In the manual production of ice cream no mechanical insufflation of air, only natural processes.

Our ice cream is at a very high level of quality thanks to continuous research. We conduct extensive cooperation with specialized shops and restaurants that provide their windows for a rich assortment of our products contained in quality packaging. Italian ice cream - a gentle sorbet, delicious creamy soft ice cream of different options, fine grade class Premium, including cake, ice cream and many other species.


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